New Orleans, yer breakin’ me heart…

So word has leaked that PotC4 will include a scene in ‘old’ New Orleans, and now the current New Orleans is all sad because it won’t be filmed on location. Which I can see might be a bummer, but as I recall, thousands of pirates flood the French Quarter every year for things like PyrateConPyrate Week, and Shore Leave – some of whom even look a smack like Jack Sparrow. What’s the matter, NOLA? We not good enough for you anymore because we’re not big Hollywood celebrities? Or perhaps we never were good enough to start with, and you were just toying with our emotions for your own sadistic pleasure. That will teach me to trust a town famous for whores and voodoo.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ spokesman lets the wind out of the sails of New Orleans fans

Ah, who am I kidding, I can’t stay mad at New Orleans. Does this make me an enabler? Yes, yes it does.

One thought on “New Orleans, yer breakin’ me heart…

  1. Sorry, the fumes from the oil washing ashore for the past few months has gone straight to our heads.

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