No Gore for Pirates 4 (hey, that rhymes!)

Gore Verbinski says ‘no’ to ‘Pirates 4’ on Hitfix.

Unlike most PotC rumors, this one actually seems to be confirmed – Gore Verbinski will NOT be directing the next pirates flick. I don’t know what to make of that, since the impact of this news obviously rests on the question of who WILL be directing. Early rumors indicated Tim Burton, which makes me cringe, but that was a while ago and probably not worth banking on.

3 thoughts on “No Gore for Pirates 4 (hey, that rhymes!)

  1. Not neccesarily saying it would be good, but a Tim Burton version would definitely be interesting.

  2. What about Al Gore?!? He can make th’ next POTC movie, make it PC, save th’ earth, AND put it on he’s World Wide Web all at once!!

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