Pirate Party! (and you’re invited)

On Wednesday November 19th at 3 p.m. CST, the Moll Flanders Tavern will be hosting a pirate party DJed by none other than Bilgemunky of Bilgemunky Radio. You’re all invited, and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

OK, here’s what you’re all going to do – and don’t laugh cuz I’d dead serious. Go to www.secondlife.com, create an account and install the game. This is all free. Then, run through the tutorial. Once acclimated, do a people search for Bilgemunky Mizin – that’s me ingame – and ask to be my friend. We’ll then get you signed aboard with my crew, The Bilgemunky Knife Fighters. And that’s it – you’re a Second Life pirate (although you might want to find some piratey clothes to complete things.)

I’ve never spent much time in Second Life until just recently. And now that I’ve looked around a bit, all I can say is… wow! Entire worlds of pirate towns – seaside taverns, ship battles, mermaids – it’s all here. And the best part? You can actually hang out with your real-life pirate buddies that you only see a few times a year. Kick back, chat (voice is available, thus freeing your hands to hold your rum), and then maybe go duke it out with cannons for a larf. Actually, the only problem is… not enough pirates. Perfect pirate online towns, taverns, and docks just aching for the right blokes and lasses to take the place over.

If you can, join us on the 19th. The party begins at 3 p.m. CST and will continue at least two hours. But don’t wait until then to first log on as you’ll want some time to familiarize yourself with the interface (and, as stated, find some nice pirate clothes.) But even if you can’t make this party, I’m certain it will be the first of many. So jump into Second Life anyways and look me up!

8 thoughts on “Pirate Party! (and you’re invited)

  1. Hi everyone. .for all of those who don’t know me.. I’m the Master at Arms for Corsairs Coast @ Buccaneers Reef. If you all want, feel free to look for me in secondlife as Locke Morgridge. If ye be wanting to attend i’ll leave what is known as a SLurl.. just click on it and it will take you right to the spot where the pirate party will take place. I’ve already met a few of you.. and I look forward to meeting any of you that also dare enter this indeed strange world.


  2. Second Life… when you can’t get enough being kicked out of an IRC chatroom. Now if I can ONLY figure out how to make my avatar look like a pirate. He’s stuck looking like and elf and apparantly.. in second life, Male Elves look females.

  3. Hahaha Bilge that was a pretty fun party too bad it was only two hours. Wish more of the mates could have made it but I’m sure next time you’ll get a more reasonable time slot. Hey, you gotta play whenever you can, to start off in a new realm. Yaaaaaar!

  4. It was pretty good. The Bilge got to a couple of people that never knew pirate music existed and had about 4 knife fighters as well. A couple SL vets came around and handed out grog mugs and told us Bilge’s show gets routed into the area we were at.

    So I think a few of us will be logged in on monday as well as the IRC. Guess it depends on how complicated it gets between chatting in there and the IRC at the same time.

    There were a couple issues on SL server side and some of us kept getting kicked off. It was pretty funny listening to Bilge yell over the mic during a song “I’m out of the room!”

    All in all I think it was a great thing, technicalities aside. Was great to see people in the rendered flesh. hehe

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