Pirates 2 Trailer (‘R’ Version)

YES!!! They’ve had that stupid teaser with the skeleton out for almost two years now, so it’s great to finally see how the movie itself is shaping out – and it looks bloody brilliant! Questionable acting, over the top effects, and a clear sense of humor throughout. That’s what made the first Pirates: A Joone Film so fantastic, and indeed, it seems that lighting is about to strike for a second time (and potentially with a bigger bang.) My only grumble is that my favorite pirate chick, Serena, won’t be in this one, and gal filling in as her cousin seems to lack that same spark. But hey, the actress was fickle and now we must all suffer. And such is life.

Pirates: A Joone Film was of course the adult film that made history by releasing an “R” version that was still great fun to watch. Imagine that – a porn that is still good even without the sex. Sure that’s one of the seven signs. Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge is also slated for both an X and an R version, so regardless of your disposition on such matters, you should still be able to enjoy this one. However, still not one for the kids, I’d wager 😉

2 thoughts on “Pirates 2 Trailer (‘R’ Version)

  1. Red Beard, it probably is going to be a good pirate movie. After all it’s rated Aaaarrr!

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