Pirates in Galveston? Surely you jest ;)

Pirates Legends of the Gulf Coast, has just opened in Jean Laffite’s old stomping grounds, Galveston Texas. Personally, I love Galveston and for a number of years made it an annual trip. The one thing it always lacked, though, was a decent pirate museum. But as you can tell from this article, that problem has now been remedied:

New interactive pirate museum opens in Galveston

2 thoughts on “Pirates in Galveston? Surely you jest ;)

  1. Finally! We go down to Galveston about once a year and every time we go I complain that the city is not properly promoting their piratical history. You should see the condition of the historical site of Lafitte’s home, it’s embarrassing.

  2. I noticed SOMETHing new about pirates when Iw as down there for Dickens on the strand. Now I have an even better excuse to visit Galveston. I’ve never understood why Galveston doesn’t have a Pirate Festival, as it has the history……

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