Pirates of the Burning Sea going FREE!

I’m pretty psyched about this news. I know that PotBS isn’t a perfect MMO, but I rather liked it, and only gave up my account because me schedule only allowed for erratic play time, thus preventing me from getting my subscription fee’s worth each month. But with the game going free, I can pop in game or not to my heart’s content.

Pirates of the Burning Sea ยป Free to Play

No official word on when the free launch happens, but it sounds like it won’t be long. Who’s up for a little pillaging?

5 thoughts on “Pirates of the Burning Sea going FREE!

  1. Yaar i also played for awhile and it was interesting. It plays similar to sid meiers but with much more variety. The crafting was indeed dubious but i’m sure it has it’s merits.

    It’ll be fun to see all of you on a server together, just pick one when the time comes.

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