Pirates vs. Steampunks (according to LA Weekly)

“Best of” Awards: Pirates Versus Steampunks at Pyrate Daze – Los Angeles Art – Style Council.

Pyrate Daze has come and gone, and the results are in – this combined pirate/steampunk event gave folks the chance to strut their stuff as either swashbucklers, victorian sci-fi adventurers, or both, and the LA times took a point-by-point examination of which proved superior. But ever the diplomats, the result was a tie.

Surprisingly, based on the examples listed, I think it’s actually the steampunks that prove victorious, as I’d take issue with the conch shell beating out the Abney Park guitar (no way the conch shell proves victor in that one). Actually, from the early photos I’ve seen a lot more creativity was shown by the steampunks all around – although bear in mind that the steampunks and the pirates were largely the same folks, depending on which day it was. I just hope that as more pirates explore steampunk (and vice versa) that folks remember to leave their tricorns at home when going to Dickens Fair, and that jet-packed librarians consider a different look before attending a truely pirate-specific event.

6 thoughts on “Pirates vs. Steampunks (according to LA Weekly)

  1. I have the answer to finding the superiority between the two.

    Go to a Steampunk event and then go to a pirate event. The fair that doesn’t have that annoying girl walk up to you and say “Prithy! What is that thing dangling from your arm?”


    I left ren fairs because of people like that. Now I see them at all the pirate fairs too. ENGLAND SUCKS! That’s why we made America! (well really because the puritans were so up tight that the English kicked them out, but still!)

  2. Funny thing about this event for me is that even though Eye had fun in my Debut on Steampunk Sunday as Capt. -F- Baum,
    It was my Tankerd as Oderlesseye, that gave the pirate side an extra point.. Then again, eye never left the pirate side..Eye just took to the Air! LoL.. Next year Eye think will be better attended…And Eye attribute that mostly to it being scheduled on TLAPD rather than it being a new event. The Ball was sold out and so were the rooms. The event was well ran and the cannon battle the best I have seen even though the first “Land” explosion on the jetty was a bit delayed. Seemed like most of the Pirates Had jumped ship on Sunday leaving it to the Steampunkers… Cascabel was available to give his class on BP but no one was thar to attend it and that was Sunday Morning. Musta been all that Rum from the night before.. Eye will go to this event next year if they have it..

  3. I eagerly agree with Eye. Had a top notch time, as did everyone we spoke with. No pyrates vs. steampunkers at all, we played well with each other all weekend long. Planning, location, execution A+.

  4. This looks amazingly interesting and fun! And the whole world is open for you to play with . . .

    I’m wondering about a Middle Eastern representative of this “era.” Or a Native American one! Your imagination can run wild here and come up with something so off the wall that it fits!

    How about a visitor from “Down Under” who lives in this world?!?!?

    I gotta get involved in this!


    We pirates have defeated th’ ninjas, we defeated th’ Romans, we even kick’d th’ noble knight’s arse – WE WILL SLAY ANY PUNK T’ STAND IN OUR WAY AS WELL!!

    As fer this ‘creative’ nitch these punks think they have upon us sea wolves; How can any compare t’ we genuine Real Deals? Them punks have NOTHING t’ say what they have be ‘correct’ nor ‘incorrect’ – Therefer I Say They ALL BE WRONG, Let Them Sleep With Davey Jones ‘n me cutlass stuck between their rib cage!

  6. What this be I hear some o’ ye Steam Punkers get’n a might sensitive o’er a wee bit o’ pirate banter?!!?

    Lighten up mates, we all be rogues ‘n nay-do-wellers here!

    BANTER BACK!! If’n ye be pirates in deed then lets hear some o’ that salty steam banter from ye!!

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