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So the last couple of days, all sorts of images from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, have found their way online. Perhaps most famous currently is this one of Angelica (Penelope Cruz) and Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in costume and strolling along the beach:

Call me a cynic, but this shot of Angelica really dissappoints me.Although varying in quality in many respects, the one thing the first three films remained truly consistent on was the development of unique, compelling costumes/characters. And this? It looks like Cruz just walked last minute onto the set, sat through a quickie Revlon hair&makeup session, and then threw on a borrowed hat and coat from any of a thousand pirate festival-goers. Seriously, I’d call it dreadfully half-assed looking. But I’ll also reserve final judgement, because in this matter Disney has some real street cred. It might turn out this is only a partial costume test-shot, or maybe the strength of the character will balance out the costume’s apparent shortcomings, or maybe it’s not even the actual costume at all (prior to PotC3, a genuine hoax shot was created by Disney, showing “Captain Teague” dressed as a Jack Sparrow clone. Dreadful, but funny.)

Ok, enough about Cruz’s dubious new pirate look – of far more interest to me is this one of Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa:

So what’s so interesting about this picture? Well, aside from the obvious question of why Barbossa’s in uniform (my guess is trickery), what really has me wondering is why he has a crutch beneath his left arm, a la Long John Silver. His feet aren’t fully seen in this picture, so it’s hard to say much. Maybe the crutch is just a part of his disguise, maybe he stubbed a toe. Or maybe our dear Barbossa must contend with the loss of a drumstick in this fourth film?

A whole mess more photos available at Radar Online.com.

11 thoughts on “PotC 4 Pix

  1. arrr- it distresses me to no end- Penelope’s hat. Looks too steampunky to me. The boots are grand, however.
    Barbossa is FAR more interestin’ as are some o’ the things washed up on that beach he be walkin’ on…

    however- it be makin’ me think o’ the last X-Files movie.Before that movie came out, (it was shot here in the wilds o’ Vancouver) pictures circulated of a monster- a werewolf, t’be exact.
    Well- sure enough, the movie came out- I went t’ watch it. And all I kept thinkin’ about was that damned werewolf. Which by the way- NEVER appeared in the film.
    I had t’ see the film twice, as I missed any interesting stuff- all cause I was watchin’ fer that damnable werewolf!
    So- I’m just sayin’….
    beware…errr..be aware..be a were..just be careful out there!

  2. Ahhh, dear Hector looks rather fetching. Alas, shall drive the poor Barbossa portrayers insane though. He looks good in blue and red. Intreguing that he’s gone all Long John Silver on us though.

    ~Lady B

  3. Looks to me like Barbossa has boots on both feet, so that would sink the peg leg theory. Not sure why he’s got the crutch, though. It’s going to be a long trip before the movie comes out, so I’m sure there will be many more pictures – and many more mysteries – coming over the horizon!

  4. Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted yesterday on twitter, asking what types of pictures from the filming in HI , you the fans would like to see next. You should follow Jerry on twitter and tell him.

  5. Yeah, someone should tell Jerry they want to see Penelope Cruz in a GOOD costume.

    For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! She looks like she just walked out of the local renaissance festival! Aaargh! I’m so hoping you’re right Bilge, and this isn’t really how she’s going to look in the movie.

    I mean seriously? A stupid black underbust corset over a peasant blouse? An UNDERBUST corset! As in, the garment universally accepted as being practically invented by attendees of American renaissance festivals, based on VICTORIAN designs, which flatters absolutely NO ONE? What did they do? Raid their local Halloween store? I sold pirate costumes that looked BETTER than that when I worked at just such a Halloween store! And what is with that hat? It’s a bloody COWBOY hat! With a stupid buckle and some pheasant feathers thrown on for grins. And I couldn’t agree more about the Revlon session. My sentiments exactly. I guess the coat is okay. A lot like Kiera’s in Dead Man’s Chest. And her boots are pretty wicked, actually. But still… Gah. Sorry, I’m getting soap-boxy.

    Anyway, this had better be all just one big ruse de guerre to throw off spoiler junkies, because if this is what she’s actually wearing in the film… wow. Penny Rose, I thought better of you and your costume department. I really did.

    And as for Barbossa, yeah, his leg is definitely done up in bluescreen stuff. So I’m guessing he’s getting a brand new peg. But then, it might just be gone altogether. We’ll have to wait and see. Oh the painful waiting…

  6. Picture this: Showing up on the first day of shooting with “By the way, since you hired me I’ve become pregnant”. The costume was designed to be able to camouflage a burgeoning belly. Latest pics show it was a wise choice.

  7. The plot thickens… i am very interested to see the back story to Barbossa’s limb loss and change of attire.

    I am not so worried about Penelope’s costume. Why can she not just have regular old pyrate clothing… I loved the Asian/Persian inspired outfit Keira wore but she was such a lame pyrate it didn’t do anything to help propel her character. Maybe Penelope will be a wonderful addition as Blackbeard’s daughter… i actually prefer to see more accurate clothing instead of the over the top poncey git wear that SO many feel is necessary to prove one is a pyrate.
    What I am REALLY hoping is this movie doesn’t suck like the last 2…

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