PotC4 Logo Pretty Lame

Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3 each boasted their own take on the Jolly Roger. They were clearly similar, and the differences were at times subtle. Curse of the Black Pearl of course started it off with a classic skull and saber layout:

And then Dead Man’s Chest went all mysterious and tribal on us with the crossed torches and voodoo danglies:

Finally (well, sort of) At World’s End gave us an Asian format with crossed bones, rich tapestries, Jack’s crazy ghoat, and Singapore lettering (I suddenly wonder what they say?):

Well, it was¬†inevitable¬†that the next Pirates flick would have its own Jolly Roger to sport. And thanks to my extensive network of Bilgemunky Spies (actually, I found it at Collider.com), we now have a sneak peek…

If you click, you’ll see a slightly larger version. And yeah, it seems to basically be the World’s End logo with water falling out its eye. Which doesn’t exactly bowl me over. I guess after three films under their belt, it can be difficult finding new and clever ways to expand on the Jolly Roger motif – let’s just hope their creativity chops are more sound with the flick itself. And yeah, “Rob Marshall’s Pirates of the Caribbean” still sounds really weird to me.

3 thoughts on “PotC4 Logo Pretty Lame

  1. Oh, dear. It’s like the universe is mocking me for loving this series. But I’ll go anyway. I think it’ll hurt, even with the mermaids/Blackbeard. Please, gods…

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