Remains of Pirate Wind Up in Court

Washington Daily News Online.

OK, so bones were accidentally uncovered during construction┬áthat may, or may not, belong to a member of Blackbeard’s crew. And they’ve been taken to court to determine if they are indeed the remains of the 250 year dead Edward Salter, because if so, well, they should be reburied according to Salter’s will, rather than in the method the state would otherwise do.

I suppose it’s better than taking a 250 year old skeleton to court to sue for punitive damages on behalf of some long-dead ancestor, but I’m still not certain it’s a great example of your tax dollars at work. Hell, most pirates were lucky to get a burial of any kind.

One thought on “Remains of Pirate Wind Up in Court

  1. Edward Salter should have been there fighting with Blackbeard at Ocracoke inlet. Maybe if he would have had a few more men he wouldn’t have had his head chopped off. Thanks Salter, you coward!

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