Republic Of Pirates coming to NBC

Wait, now we have THREE pirate tv dramas in the works? Did I fall asleep and wake up in bizarro land??? First Port Royal on FX, then Pyrates on Fox, and now Republic of Pirates. No idea if all this is actually GOING TO HAPPEN, as piratey rumors have a habit of quietly fizzling, but here’s hoping!

NBC To Continue Pirate Trend With Republic Of Pirates

4 thoughts on “Republic Of Pirates coming to NBC

  1. `ere’s te ANY what makes the cut!!!! Aye `ad the pleasure o’ crossin’ swords with Colin Woodarrrrd `ere in Kennebunkport a few years ago…`e sure knows `is stuff an’ aye can only say that o’ the three mentioned above aye hope’s it be `is what gets the go..

    Yer feller mate,

    Jack Heavy

  2. Being a powder monkey for NBC I do hope that they do not make a pirate show. Everything we touch turns to a corny piece of crap that is not watchable and actually turns people away. Our ratings speak for them selves.

  3. Well it sounds to be that Pyrates on FOX be true at paint, lest that what me Sweet Meg says to me n she works fer FOX.

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