Risen 2 Gameplay Footage

Check it out – one minute of family squabbling followed by two minutes of swordplay. Love the scenery and music. Don’t love the continued trend of dreadfully unimaginative female pirate characters. Love how an NPC can cut you directly in the chest with a loud sound of sliced meat and you just shrug it off, which is exactly how it goes when I fight in real life 😀

Risen 2 Gameplay Video 04 – YouTube.

One thought on “Risen 2 Gameplay Footage

  1. If you pre-order this game, you’re supposed to get free Treasure Island DLC content — while supplies last. I’m tempted, but I’d like to see some reviews of the game before I spend $60.00. Still, not many pirate games out there…I may just gave in and get it.

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