Roaring Dan Rum on the Horizon!

I was able to get a sneak peak (meaning taste. Or two. Or seven.) of Roaring Dan rum this past weekend, and look forward to reviewing it shortly. But meantime, figured you all would enjoy this news article on the subject:

Great Lakes Distillery rum set for release

I don’t know what sort of distribution it will have outside of Wisconsin, but for those who are localish, definitely try it out. A mixer rum, yes. But also a high-quality one with a very unique flavor. The maple-syrup element makes for some truly extraordinary drinks in the right hands.

Oh, and for the record, “Roaring” Dan Seavey isn’t the only person every arrested for piracy on the Great Lakes. But thanks to my influential friends, I was able to keep my name out of the papers.

3 thoughts on “Roaring Dan Rum on the Horizon!

  1. “Every rum needs a pirate” — this is true. So when is some local distillery in Milwaukee going to wise up and name a rum after you? At least you look like a pirate. “Roaring Dan” looks like the Gorton’s fisherman.

  2. Well, Roaring Dan is indeed distilled right here in Wisconsin, so that’s a good start. Still, I sort of feel sorry for any distillery that would choose to name a rum after me – I’d be so royally perfectionist in how it better taste… they’d hate me before the product ever saw a bottle 😀

  3. Roaring Dan may look like much, but he was a serious pirate. I bet the Gorton’s fisherman didn’t have human skulls on his boat.

    Not that Bilge isn’t a great pirate. It’s just that we Great Lakes pirates have to stand up for our forefathers.

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