Rum Tasting on TLAPD

No plans for Talk Like a Pirate Day? If you happen to be in the area of Newport News, Virginia, join me (Bilgemunky) for a pirate-friendly rum tasting at the Mariners Museum. I’ll be conducting a presentation on the history of rum, it’s association with pirates, and how to taste it “properly” as we explore not one, but FOUR of my favorite rums!

Rum aside, there’s a whole mess of other pirate fun happening alongside – check it out at  And to learn more about attending the rum tasting itself, call the museum at 757-591-5129 – and tell the Bilgemunky sent you!

One thought on “Rum Tasting on TLAPD

  1. Well, that is awesome and crappy at the same time. Awesome because it is so close to me, crappy because me and my Crewe are engaged further south (in Virginia Beach) the entire time!

    We are reenacting the trial of Louis Guittar and the crew of the La Paix during the day at Adam Thoroughgood House, then partying at Cheeseburger in Paradise at Lynnhaven from 8 to midnight. I will be doing the live Irish music and chanteys. If yer not too drunk after yer rum tasting, ye should try and make it across the water to Virginia Beach and check it out.

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