Rustmonster Talks about Bilgemunky

Rustmonster pirate music ยป RUSTMONSTER work with Bilgemunky on a new song.

I tell ya, there’s nothing better than when another pirate band/magazine/website chooses to write about me online. Not only does it further inflate my already dangerously overstuffed ego, but it also allows me to link their article and give the impression that I’m actually posting once in a while (and absolutely *not* neglecting this website as I prepare for winter. Seriously, those acorns don’t bury themselves.)

17 thoughts on “Rustmonster Talks about Bilgemunky

  1. Bilge wrote the song with RUSTMONSTER providin’ the music I can’t wait fer this one ta come out. Be curious Bilge mate the title is that yer own or did you an the boy-o’s of rustmonster be collaberatin’.

  2. While Rustmonster did need to tune and tweak a bit to ensure the song flowed properly, it’s mostly my own – including the title ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Whatever happened to that other song you were working on with Rustmonster? You know… “Red Beard is the Coolest Pirate Bilgemunky Knows”?

  4. there’s nothing wrong with it per say– it’s just that all of your songs are going to be compiled into one massive album, titled “Worst Drunk Pirate Songs of All Time”

  5. Red, that song died because I’m clearly the coolest pirate anyway… so it would have just been a lie.

  6. Well that’s not true either… cuz he’ll ALWAYS have the herpes to show for it.

    Besides, he doesn’t need a whole song.. just enough of a ditty to keep himself entertain at the doctors office.

  7. We have to do something to keep us entertained. Just so happens you’re #1 on the list being the Munky start that you are.

  8. Craig Nybo from Rustmonster here. I assure you, this song is all Bilge’s work. We might have fudged the lyrics around a little, but that was just for pacing. Everything was sent back to Bilge for his approval. In this song we think of ourselves as nothing but subordinate. We only hope our music will be as good as his lyrics.

    We, like any pirate worth his salt, love Bilgemunky and everything he represents. We are flattered to do this song with him and hope to do a few more things with him in the future.

  9. See Bilge. That entire show we mostly just picked on each other anyway. Now don’t you feel special?

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