Sadly, there might be something to this…

SFGate: Daily Dish : Efron Denies ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Rumor.

“Honestly, at this time it’s just a rumor.”

That sounds forboding to me. “At this time…” means that it’s not entirely a rumor. It hints that Disney and Zac Efron of High School Musical have been talking about bringing him aboard the PotC francise, and says to me that Disney is circulating these rumors to determine whether they lead to good buzz or bad buzz.

Efron is already part of the Disney family, as is Pirates of the Caribbean. Young kids probably love him, so naturally Disney would think they could use this to their marketing advantage. To me, this is exactly the sort of misguided demographic pandering that Disney is all too capable of. Never mind a script, never mind the creative process – just determine whether they can guss Efron up in pirate garb, slap the image on a pillowcase, and sell it to pre-teen girls.

8 thoughts on “Sadly, there might be something to this…

  1. A good movie being killed by the sequels. The first movie was great, the second was a set-up for the third, and the third wasn’t all that bad. I doubt I’ll watch any others, though. It’ll probably make me cry.

  2. Alas, Coastie – you’ve more discipline than I. I *will* watch this fourth film, no matter what. And attitudes like mine are exactly why Disney doesn’t feel pressured to actually make good movies. They don’t care if we grumble about the films, so long as we watch them. That, after all, is how show business works. Witness the financial success of Norbit.

  3. Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! … Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

    Oh, I’m sorry. I heard Disney and thought they started their invasion. Never hurts to brush up on yer German.

  4. Oh come on bilge you know what the movie is going to be like from the previews and if you have Jack Sparrow singing while he slides down the mast you won’t pay over 20 bucks to go see it in a theater!

  5. Oh for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, why do they have to keep ruining my favorite franchises? I don’t think I can bare another Star Wars debacle.

    The third Pirates installment already grated on my nerves (is it really that hard to finish a script before principle photography?), but I accepted it as part of the whole, and told myself it could have been a lot worse. Now I keep telling myself that a fourth movie could actually redeem some of the cinematical sins committed in the previous sequels, but ultimately I must concede that I think I’m lying to myself. After all, when has a “4” movie EVER been good?

    These types of rumors just serve to increase my distress over the ruination of what was once my favorite story in film history. And what’s more, if this movie really is as bad as all that, I fear that Hollywood will blacklist pirate films for good.

    Although, The other casting rumor I’ve read is that Russel Brand is in talks with Disney about playing Jack’s brother, which actually kind of intrigues me…

  6. I can understand Disney’s need to insert a young “hottie” into the movie but please,… not Zac Efron. Find someone new and unknown.A for a script and a good story, I would hope to the Maker that Mr. Depp would apply some of his previous artistic discernment and insist on a good script.

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