Sims 3 Releases Pirate Expansion

For those of you who are all nutty about Sims 3, there’s now a Pirate Expansion, so you may commence rejoicing. Personally, I’ve never played Sims, and only have a vague idea what it’s about – something like a combination between Civilization and a Digipet, maybe? Like, you build a community of virtual slackers and then take it in turns to feed them or torment them? Hell, I don’t need a video game to do that – they’re called Sea Monkeys, and they *hate* it when you blast Bob Marley music into their aquarium!

Arrrgh! The Sims 3 Gets Pirate-y

One thought on “Sims 3 Releases Pirate Expansion

  1. so me wench wants me to quit world of warcraft because it spends a lot of my free time…. sims 3 pirate expansion might fill the gap if i quit.

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