Since when did L. Ron Hubbard write about pirates???

Free Pirate’s Code with the true history of pirates in a beautifully illustrated booklet.

The only thing I know about L Ron Hubbard is Scientology. And all that I know about Scientology I learned by watching Southpark – which means I don’t know much. I did NOT know that Hubbard ever wrote about pirates, but apparently he did at least twice – Under the Black Ensign, and Pirate Code. This second of which is actually a smaller booklet that you can get for free by signing up for a newsletter. I’m rather on the fence on this one – I’d like the free book to see just what we’re talking abou there, but I really don’t want to wind up on a scientology list. What to do, what to do…

10 thoughts on “Since when did L. Ron Hubbard write about pirates???

  1. Hmmm. Interesting. Maybe there are also missing parts to Dianetics?

    “Problems with your mutinous crew of scallywags?” Page 407.

  2. Hmm, sign up somebody else, and then take the booklet from them when it arrives. You can get the first book through interlibrary loan at most public libraries (if they don’t already have it).

  3. Use your neighbors name and address or even a business address . Build a crows nest, set watch with ye looking glass, and well ye a pirate..Me thinks ye can figure it out from here.
    It is a good way to avoid Tom Cruise from visiting and proselitizing you to his point of view while jumping up and down on yar couch.. Good luck ~

  4. Don’t do it! Whatever he wrote about pirates, it’s bound to be as bad as the rest of his science fiction. I have heard / read that the only reason he stays on the best seller list (and somehow manages to keep publishing books long after his death – nice trick, that!) is that his followers buy back copies from the publishers and booksellers, thus keeping the numbers up.

    As for the rest of Scientology, my rule of thumb is, “Never join a religion started by a failed science fiction writer.” I’ve seen the stuff that has leaked out of their headquarters – really, really odd.

  5. Bilge, don’t be chicken. It should be your goal to have every obscure pirate thing on the face the Earth, so I say go for it. Then, you can write and post a review on Hubbard’s nautical works — provided you take at least one free personality test…

  6. Well, I gave it a shot. Not only did they NOT send me the book (claimed the promotion was too popular and they ran out of stock), but the link they sent so I could download the php version was broken.

    So now the Scientologists have my email and snailmail, and I don’t even have a pulp pirate book to show for it. Drat and double!

  7. i bought a house from to scientologists and their mail has come here for five years i get some really entertaining bullshit but i would never sign up THEY NEVER STOP SENDING SHIT!

  8. Well, while I don’t know if Scientologists are actually involved, they did eventually do right by me. First off, the link for the pdf did eventually work, but what’s more I got a letter apologizing for running out of stock, reminding me of the pdf, AND offering to mail me a physical copy when again available, should I still want one. I of course emailed them with a “yes” and the printed book did arrive shortly after. So they lived up to their word, I’ll give them that 🙂

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