Tales of Monkey Island (Wii and PC)

Proving once again that denial means nothing (it seems only last week I was reading that Lucas Arts had no intention of ever revisiting the Monkey Island franchise), Tales of Monkey Island is due for release in July!

I’m a lot excited, and a bit scared – the previous Monkey Island Game was the weakest of the lot, and by no small margin. And I don’t feel that 3D is the greatest medium for the series. And I have little faith that these latest ventures (yes, there will be five of them, being “eposodic installments”) will do much to rekindle Monkey Island’s roots. But all that said… MONKEY ISLAND!!!

You can read more at IGN, or visit the official site at www.talesofmi.com.

3 thoughts on “Tales of Monkey Island (Wii and PC)



    You may be right about it sucking Bilge but it will be fun finding out.

  2. Is it just me, or does Guybrush Threepwood bear a somewhat striking resemblance to a certain purple munky of our acquaintance?

  3. Sure does Jack. With all the awkwardness and bumbling included. I hear bilge even has a three headed monkey but the Doctors won’t comment.

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