That’s What Makes Them Pirates, the musical

Mike Mennard has already impressed us with his fun, family-friendly CD of original pirate tunes, but now he’s gone one step better and created a whole play based on the album! “That’s What Makes Them Pirates” is a musical put on by Union College in Nebraska (this might be the first Nebraska pirate event ever. Now if we could just get the Dakotas into gear). A brief synopsis, lifted from their Facebook page:

The crew of the Jolly Nostril, the pick of the seven seas, and the notorious Captain Rapscallion have anchored at Isla del Fuego for the winter. Rapscallion has been searching fanatically for Captain Blake, whom she believes killed her husband. By astonishing coincidence, Captain Blake and his crew have been marooned on that very island.

Blake fears Rapscallion, and yet he holds the evidence to prove he did not kill Rapscallion’s husband. However, the only way to get close enough to her without her running him through is to capture her crew and ship and forcibly show her the evidence—a letter in the hand of Rapscallion’s husband.

In order to get close to Rapscallion, Blake encourages his beautiful daughter Kate to befriend Rapscallion’s son, Nathaniel. Romance suddenly breaks out all over the island, but not before tempers flair, swords clash, and pirates sing. Fortunately, once all misunderstandings are worked out, there are ample happy endings and kisses to go around.

The Show starts in February, but check out their website to order tickets now!

2 thoughts on “That’s What Makes Them Pirates, the musical

  1. Thanks so much for plugging the play and my music! I’m such a big fan of you and Bilgemunky!

    I wish I could fly you up to see our show, but I can’t afford that–alas. But if you’re planning on being anywhere near Lincoln, Nebraska, I know some people! 🙂 They’d get you and yours in to see the show!!! In a heartbeat!

  2. Mike, great to hear from you! Indeed, I’d love to fly out to check it out, but as we both know, piracy doesn’t pay what it used to (unless you’re Johnny Depp) 😛

    Hope the show is going well, and thanks for the kind words!

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