The Greatest and Scariest Title Ever…

Autonomous Oceanic Modules Could Self-Assemble Into Pirate-Fighting Bases, Like Legos

Leave it to DARPA to combine the forces of mad science and Legos to fight pirates. If only they were targeting ninjas instead I would fully approve. But as it is, I’m now completely terrified, and will never look at Legos the same way again. I will, however, continue to look at mad scientists with a mix of pity and envy.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest and Scariest Title Ever…

  1. I might even go anti-pirate for a few weeks just to see something transform in front of my eyes like that one giant robot movie that I can’t remember the titles to…

    naturally, after my competing pirates were removed from existence, I’d have already known the weakness and shoved little rocks in between all the moving parts when the lego machine wasn’t looking.

    Then back to a life of piracy.


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