The Latest “Official” Word from PyrateCon

As the questions are being asked, I decided to email PyrateCon’s Director this morning to see what the latest news was (being as the “PyrateCon in Jeopardy” message has been the last word since September.) I instantly received this auto-generated message, quoted in its entirety and verbatim:

Thank you for your interest in the Worlds Famous Pyratecon, unfortunately because of the current economy Pyratecon will not happen in 2010 but will continue in 2011, we will put your name and or company name in our database,also if you haven’t done so please go to and register for the news letter for updates .Again thank you for your interest in Pyratecon

Pyratecon crew

So there you have it. Feel free to discuss, but please keep any “so and so did this and so and so did that” crap to yourselves – I’ve felt from the beginning that the PyrateCon turmoil would manage to sort itself out without the need for online feuds and rumor mills, and I stand by that belief.

13 thoughts on “The Latest “Official” Word from PyrateCon

  1. I have heard that “PyrateWeek” is going to happen again this year. Did I hear that there was a local group trying to do a “PyrateCon” replacement event?

  2. Yup, Pyrate Week is indeed still a go. To my understanding, they never promoted themselves as a replacement, but rather a separate, unrelated option (despite being essentially the same bat-time, same bat-channel, and no love lost between the two.)

    Whatever flows beneath the surface, the fact remains that for 2010, anyways, there can be only one. You can visit their website at:

    Wish I could attend, but my travel budget won’t allow for it this year.

  3. “Whatever flows beneath the surface, the fact remains that for 2010, anyways, there can be only one.”

    Highlander taught us that this is always true, regardless of the year.

  4. I went to PyrateCon last year and had a blast. I will be attending PyrateWeek this year and look for more of the same. Without sounding immodest I can honestly say that we make partying a profession, nay a religion down here…Our Beloved Saints are in the SuperBowl for the first time this week, Mardi Gras is next week, and then next month a bunch of Pyrates are going to come down here to help rebuild and party as only Pyrates can. Come on down and we pass a good time…Plenty of Rum for Every One!

  5. Eye will go back to PyrateCon when the world is supposed to have come to an end after 2012 ~ If New Orleans is still above water, eye will leave the long boat at home..One thing for sure is Eye wanna take a swamp tour from some Tia Dahlma Type..That would be alot of fun….Till then thar be many other worthy ports to visit that beckon to me thru thar sirens song.

  6. Avast thar me buckos and fellow Pirates.I be known as LaVasque the Leopard,Captain of the JadeScorpion.Me was at PyrateCon 2009 and had aRum/Fun filled time. It be a heartbreakin to hear that thar Festival will be cancelled.It be known to all that me hopes tha players and scallywags will get their act together for another Rum/Fun time in2011.Me hopes to some of ye blokes again this year at PirateWeek,this Month of March,2010,in The Pirate Capital of New Orleans,La. See Ye Salty Dogs and You Beautiful Wenches as well.It be tyme to board me ship and a couple of swigs of Sailor Jerry Rum. SSAAAAAVVVYYYYYYY MATES!!!!! LaVasque the Leopard;coming to a port near You!!!!!Au Revoir Me Ladies,Me looks forward to seein Ye!!!

  7. Mates the place to be this year is Fell’s Point Privateer weekend and the picking of the Devil’s Dozen into the Order of Leviathan. April 9/10/11 2010!

    Gathering of the heavy weights so don’t miss it!

  8. While the “official” Pyratecon — with it’s scheduled gatherings, presentations & whatnot — is cancelled for 2010, I don’t see any reason why anyone looking for an extended weekend of swashbuckling and rum-drinking couldn’t just show up in the French Quarter between April 15 & 20 and have a hell of a good time with like-minded individuals.

    I would think we’d be rather easy to spot. 😉

  9. I just saw this on Travel Channel but when I look for information at the website above it says there’s an error……please email and let me know when and where I can find this information and any other info you have. thanks

  10. Trying o get some info as to wither Pyratecon will be in New Orleans at all this year, but I get a 404 when I go to their site. Can you tell me what the 411 is without as you said the rumours and such? Please email me.

  11. Tis true that the Con will no be going om this year again….but a local Krew who be known as The Pirate wenches of New Orleans will be having another get together called Shore leave. They had it last year and was a huge hit…so they decided to do it again this year….oh and the city officals love them too! Check out their website.

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