The Noble Pirates

I just don’t have the eyes to read a novel on my PC monitor, nor do I have an iPad. Which is all the worse for me, as The Noble Pirates looks pretty slick. A tale by a writer who felt Pirates of the Caribbean was too stark a departure from reality, it apparently involves time travel and, well, pirates. If I could read more without my eyes going all nutty I’d tell you more. So instead, let’s try something different – how about some of you fiction-starved readers take a gander and let us know what you think in the comments below?

The Noble Pirates

Oh, and a gold star for whoever first posts the secret of time travel according to The Noble Pirates. So far, other pirate books I’ve read have utilized ancient contraptions, caves, sleep, deep-sea-vortexes, and beef jerky (ok, I made that last one up.)

3 thoughts on “The Noble Pirates

  1. Wasn’t it something like getting drunk in a storm and falling off a ship? I’ve read some of the Noble Pirates before and its pretty decent, just been distracted and never finished.

  2. Well, you won’t have to wait much longer. It’ll be in print this summer!

    Rima uses the Bermuda Triangle to kick Sabrina off her ship and into 1718. The irony of it is that she was the only one who WASN’T drunk.

    If you know what I think you can just click the link again because my freaking out over a lack of updated chapters is nicely displayed in the middle of the page. *cough*

    However, if you want to hear an intelligent review I suggest looking here:

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