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I’ve received more than a few inquiries from readers regarding the Pyracy Pub and its extended absense. In short, the Pub – a popular forum for pirate reenactors and enthusiasts – went down a week or two ago. It’s been down before, but never for so long. So in response to those readers asking for the inside scoop, here’s everything I know regarding the Pub’s current situation:


That’s right, not a thing. Emails to the owner bounce, and all the regulars seem as in the dark as I am. I hate to think the Pub is dead and buried, but each day that passes makes that seem all the more likely. I’ve had the impression that the ownership of the pub was essentially an absentee landlord for sometime now anyways, which means it was only a matter of time before the thing sprung a leak and sunk. If I’m wrong, well, they’d better get themselves into gear right quick before all the regulars get too settled elsewhere, at which point the Pub will have a hard time reclaiming its former glory.

For those Pub regulars feeling withdrawals, you have some options: – Ye Olde Tavern has become the home away from home for many Pub regulars, and is best positioned to become the new Pub if the old one fails to come about soon. Of course, they’ll need a better URL if they want to survive the long haul, but that’s just nit picky of me, ain’t it? – Keep to the Code is pretty much Pirates of the Caribbean centric, but still lots for other pirate enthusiasts as well. There have been rumors of absentee landlordism here as well, but for now it seems relatively active and stable. – Point of the Cutlass was started as a response to complaints about Keep to the Code’s absenteeism I mentioned. It’s decent, and while I respect their willingness to set off on their own, I do wonder if our relatively small pirate community really needs multiple forums covering such similar material. – The Seabeaver’s Crow’s Nest hasn’t had a post in months, and when someone does post, it’s of questionable taste. Only the most deranged of pirate minds would even think of visiting such an unwholesome place.

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