This November – Goonies (25th Anniversary Edition)

Pretty sweet looking, actually – The Goonies 25th year anniversary edition will not only include the Blu-Ray disc, but also a boardgame, and a whole bunch of other crap. I wish I could be more specific, but the description offers nothing except a summary of the movie and a picture of the extras. Looks like some magazines of some kind, some collector cards maybe, and a femur from One-Eyed Willy (ok, I made that one up.

Still, should be slick. There’s nothing like combining your love of piracy with the nostalgia of being a child of the 80’s, and no one does that better than The Goonies. The Goonies (25th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]

5 thoughts on “This November – Goonies (25th Anniversary Edition)

  1. Sorry to disagree with ya Bilge. What, they couldn’t even give ya a replica peice from One-Eyed Willie’s treasure (a peice of gold painted plastic, even a peice of crappy gold-tone metal if the wanted to be fancy)? Howsabout a bottle-opener version of the treasure key? Noooo, they included…a boardgame. Seriously? I like the movie. Some great moments in film and one-liners came from that movie (chocolate truffle shuffle, anyone?), but for 50$ (35$ on Amazon), I’d expect a bit more…

  2. My mate, girlfriend and I all went to Astoria back in June for the big 25th Anniversary blowout where they announced the blu-ray and I must agree, the boardgame (a remake of the original 1985 boardgame that was released before the movie was released in theaters) was quite the disappointment… I myself was hoping for the replica 1632 doubloon. However, my main concern, which they couldn’t reveal but was slightly hinted at during the “meet and greet” with the cast, was whether or not it would contain any of the dozens of deleted scenes that never made it to the original DVD release.

  3. Review the movie or die of embarrassment. Take a break from current events, yank your shirt off and do the truffle shuffle.

  4. Oderless,

    That movie should not be remade and here are my arguments.

    #1. The movie is timeless (minus film quality) already. It was good then, it’s good now and it’s going to be good for a long time. The story is pretty much unaffected by special affects.

    #2. If they remade the movie, I’m sure they would do cameos of the kids (now grown up) and who want’s to see Chunk now? (now i know you’re interested after i said it…

    #3. With special affects these days the movie wouldn’t be funny bantering and slap stick.. it would end up with explosions, a more professional crime family and ET or some shit. They’d probably also replace the Cutlasses with wakkie talkies like they did to that retarded alien.

    #4. Sloth wouldn’t be cheesy… I think that speaks for itself. We’d up with some shrek/elephant man that would just piss me right the F off.

    #5. It wouldn’t have the same cheesy music, which in it’s simplicity, was a master counter part to the movie. They’d end up with Danny Elfman with classic scores.

    #6. They wouldn’t be able to stick with just Pirates. I’m sure someone in the process would jam some vampires up the movies ass and probably an annoying talking animal for the kids with ADD.

    #7. Somehow Disney would buy there way in and take all the “naughty” bits out of the movie. By today’s standard, there’s nothing naughty about the movie but back then, there were a few parts that kept it from being G rated.

    I’m sure I’ll thing of many other things later but these are pretty good to start with. Feel free to chime in fellow pirates.

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