Tim Burton doing next Pirates ?

Moviehole. Tim Burton doing next Pirates ?.

I’m afraid. Mind you, I was afraid when I first heard that Johnny Depp was playing a pirate (and from early sketches that have since been made public, I had good reason it seems), but Johnny managed to crank out a piece of genius. As to Burton directing PotC4? Now I’m really afraid.

It’s not that Burton is a bad director – far, far from it. But he is a distinctive one – aside from Ed Wood I can’t think of a decent Burton film that didn’t immediately scream, “hey, I’m a Burton film.” His work is quirky, fanciful, surreal, and creepy. With the PotC franchise getting increasingly (and to its detriment, I believe) sci-fi driven, I think Burton’s own brand of expressionism is exactly what it does NOT need at this time.

When Burton and Depp work together, magic often happens – I just fear it’s the wrong kind of magic for a pirate film. But that’s just me, and I’m sure there are hundreds of folks that will feel otherwise. And maybe Burton will prove me wrong and make a brilliant film, either by departing from his usual M.O. and returning the PotC films to the “almost reality” of the first film, or by making some splendidly brilliant piece of typical Burtonism that I could never dream of. Or maybe – and far more likely – this is just another stupid rumor with no real basis in reality and it doesn’t mean squat.

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  1. In principle I’d have to say i agree with you, but then we should take a moment’s pause to consider “Sleepy Hollow”- Tim Burton’s re-imagining of Washington Irving’s the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Although Burton himself did not write the screenplay, his unique vision worked well with this period tale. He tackled this american fairytale with just the right amount of realism/fantasy and attention to detail. If he were attached to the new POTC, one would hope that he would be putting forward that same effort. However, given the Gothic nature of his visual style, it might be hard for him to get the right feel in a carribean setting….

  2. Interesting. Expect plenty of dark scenery and plenty of fog. I’m also not sure if this was a great idea but we are all going to have to wait and find out.

    Truth, he did direct Batman and that was a damn good movie to start off the series (the rest were horrible though until, Begins). On the plus side, I will expect the next film to be filled with a spooky pirate feel.

    I’m just afraid he’s going to use really odd lenses and filters. I hope the D.P. is a good one that will work well with the camera equipment.

  3. I don’t know how valid all of this is, but here’s my 2 cents…

    Tim Burton is brilliant. I think he can make a pirate movie a killer at the box office, as well as at home. My problem is that if he does direct this film, he’s directing right after Gore Verbinski (my other favorite director, i.e. “The Ring”) and changing up everything. After 3 other films, the tone has already been set. You need the same director. Think about the Batman movies. When Tim Burton directed the first two, they had the same feel. The 3rd and the 4th were pretty bad, in my opinion. Plots aside, the first two had a good comic book/Gothic feel, while the others just felt like a flamboyant fashion show. I have faith that “if” this is real and if Tim Burton would direct a Pirates film, it would be good. But I think it would become a completely different story….uhh….


    I thought Pirates of the Caribbean 3 sucked major ass. So, let’s hand the reigns over to Burton. Maybe he can change the direction a little bit…

  4. I find it interesting how everyone is turning on PotC 3 more and more lately. And I’m not saying it was without some major flaws, but does anyone remember PotC 2? THAT was the disaster of the franchise, if you ask me.

    As to Tim Burton, I still think his strength is fantasy, which is exactly what these films need less of. The more they’ve become creature-features, the less they’ve been decent swashbuckling flicks. In the first film Barbossa’s crew was portrayed as the one exception to the “real” world, but the following two made it there seem were more monsters, sorceresses, zombies, and ghosts in the Caribbean than ordinary folk. Let alone ordinary pirates doing pirate things.

    Burton certainly has the talent to make a great PotC film. I just don’t know that his artistic choices will bode well for a franchise that’s already gone far too deep into la la land.

  5. Yaaaar, I feel odd now because PotC3 I thought was the best if you cut out the mystic of seeing the first one for the very first time. I’m with Bilge on the 2nd movie being awful but I do enjoy the creature features.

    People already have their ideas of what pirates where and at this point, I feel most are more interested in the sailor story aspect of pirates. Outrageous claims and scary monsters.

  6. I loves me some Tim, but, as Bilge put it, he’s maybe a LITTLE too la-la land, not to mention that Johnny Depp would be forever typecast as Burton’s poster boy. On top of that, Tim Burton’s involvement would mean I’d HAVE to go see POTC 4, even though, so far, I really don’t want to, because both Johnny AND Tim were involved in it. I’d probably go see it anyway, since my life is pathetically devoid of excitement, and it’s highly unlikely that any other pirate movie will be out there.

    p.s. I SO agree that POTC 2 was a lot more awkwardly executed than 3- with the possible exception of Calypso (I still cringe and have to leave the room when she turns into crabs).

  7. Yaaar Liz, I agree about the entire crab scene. Don’t be worried though, crabs are harmless. If they get near you, just hit them with the shampoo. =)

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