Travel Like a Pirate (no, that doesn’t mean mutiny)

Now through October 19th, is accepting entries for their “Travel Like a Pirate Contest”, which includes airfare to Aruba, lodging at the Hyatt Regency, food and sailing with two establishments of very piratey names (Pirate’s Nest and Jolly Pirates, respectively), and even a tour of the Balashi Brewery. Entry is free, so check it out at:

Travel Like a Pirate – Aruba Trip Giveaway | NileGuide

For those of you who only know about Aruba in that it’s mentioned in a Beach Boys song (and therefore on the girly side of piratey), you might be interested to know that not only was it once the home of buccaneers (and still the home of a standing pirate castle according to some site I found through Google), but “aruba” is also the name of the fuel that airship pirates use in the Kenneth Oppel book “Airborne” – so it’s piratey AND steampunky. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Rum Palmera Distillery, cuz it’s not a pirate vacation without grog.

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