What is it with morons and Bacardi?

Parolee arrested after chase; bottle of rum unscathed : News : Redding Record Searchlight.

Actually, never mind. The answer is in the question РMORONS and Bacardi. Why do we never read about people arrested after stealing a rum actually worth stealing? Because those scalliwags have enough sense to not get caught. Unlike this dolt, who put a seatbelt on his ill-gotten rum prior to a police chase even as he failed to wear one himself. Anyone who values the safety of a Bacardi bottle more than their own is truly too dumb to live. Perhaps Bacardi should impliment an extra ingredient that promotes sterility Рthe world would be a better place.

4 thoughts on “What is it with morons and Bacardi?

  1. And the fact that he wasnt wearing a shirt when he was arrested speaks very heavil of him too.

  2. I like that bit about sterility. Be fair, Bilge, most places that have theft problems don’t really have a good rum selection.

    Perhaps Bacardi kills brain cells at a faster rate then the quality rums.

    However, the guy really does look like a pirate though.

  3. I don’t see how the bottle would have stayed in the seat even with the seat belt after he hit a fire hydrant.

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