What’s this – like, REVERSE pillaging?

Yeah, so it seems that Muskogee, Oklahoma, is in the targets of someone identified only as “the Pirate.” Except, instead of looting and pillaging, he’s giving away the gold. Previously he’s given $10,000 to the Education Foundation, and then back in Christmas 2008 he went on a total rampage of giving out $100 bills to random shoppers. Now The Pirate has struck again, donating $1,000 to a family who lost their home to fire.

Whether or not these are all the evil doings of a single pirate, or a case of copycat good samaritanism seems unclear. Read all about it here:

Pirate donates to family who lost house in fire

The world has pirates that deserve scorn (Somalia comes to mind), and others that get it without really earning it (Pirate Festivals have their share of knee-jerk detractors), but it’s refreshing to see a news story where the comments are all pro-“The Pirate”, lovey-dovey and such.

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