You asked, and Rustmonster Answers!

I recently received the following question:

I’ve been wondering two things in regards to the brilliant bunch o’ blaggards what call themselves Rust Monster. First: when can we expect to hear the much-anticipated project wherein they collaborated with none other than the great Munky o’ Bilge himself? And second: is there anywhere a pirate might get his hands on an MP3 of their song “Overture?” I’ve been dying to add it to me collection.

-Captain Jack McCool

I forwarded it to the fine folks at Rustmonster, and they’ve responded in spades – not only with a free link to download Overture, but also a video of breakdancing pirates! Oh, and also news regarding my own song, Battlecry of the Preemptive Revengence! Check it all out at:

Rustmonster pirate music » A Request from a Fan.

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