Your PotC4 Updates…

So now that Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides has wrapped up filming, it’s just a short wait until the fever truly sets in. The trailer premeires on December 13th, and the film itself May 20th. But meantime, here’s some tidbits for ya:

  1. Jack Sparrow is gay. No, not really – that’s just what Johnny Depp said to mess with some numbskull Disney executive.
  2. Jack Sparrow was originally supposed to be played by Hugh Jackman. Yes, really. This, of course, would have so profoundly changed these movies as to be an entirely different franchise. Trying to speculate what they’d be like is as pointless as wondering what the world would be like if sharks were vegetarian.
  3. PotC 5&6 already in the works. Errr… entirely feasible, but I wouldn’t bank on this “exclusive” story from HitFix being the gospel truth just yet.

So there yah have it – a few nuggets of info (or mis-info, as the case may be) to tide you over until the preview strikes later this month 🙂

4 thoughts on “Your PotC4 Updates…

  1. The rumor about 5 and 6, if Disney execs really told the crew to “make room in their schedule” could be either really really great news, or really really BAD news. If it’s true, and they meant it, they really might feel they have a hit on their hands…if this rumor was said but they only did it to start some buzz…then they could be worried about having a total bomb… time will tell.

  2. Apparently the rumour is just that. They’ll be waiting ’til after this film opens and does well before they commit to the sequels.

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