Review: Kahuna Kevin’s Why is the Rum Gone? Vol. 2

Rating: ★★★★★

Tired of drinking rum the old fashioned way (straight from the bottle with the smell of burning ships in the air)? Of course not – yer a bloody pirate! But even a bloody pirate can enjoy mixing things up once in a while –¬†figuratively¬†AND¬†literal. With his first book, Kahuna Kevin introduced us to a wide assortment of original rum-based cocktails. 40 concoctions of varying complexity featuring a large number of our favorite rums. And now, with Why is the Rum Gone? Volume 2, Kahuna brings us another 52 masterpieces suited to all sorts of skill-levels and tastes.

That last point can’t be emphasized enough. There was a time that I thought rum-drinkers fell into one of only two camps – those that enjoyed rum properly (straight up from a broken tankard), and those that enjoyed tropical froo-froo drinks with umbrellas on top. And in all truth, there’s nothing wrong with froo-froo drinks, and Kahuna caters with the likes of the Screaming Mimi (gold rum, plum bitters, black currant syrup, pineapple juice). But even those of us who prefer a little more swagger in our mugs can find a mixed drink to our liking. Consider La Tortuga Tortura, which features maple syrup, overproof rum, bitters, and smoked chipotle tabasco sauce. Or how about El Zacapa Exclusiva, which features all of three ingredients: Rum, rum, and more rum. Those who prefer some ironic humor in their drinks also won’t be disappointed as they enjoy a Sarlacc (garnished with a Boba Fett action figure) or the Hedgehog Bowl (featuring Ron de Jeremy rum, of course.)

That’s right – all tastes, all mixology skill levels. BUT, as before you will need a remarkably well and diversely stocked bar. Start collecting those Star Wars action figures and pink umbrellas as well, because drinks of this caliber must be presented with pride!

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