Review: Pirate Santa

★★★★ ½

Got some pirate younkers in the house that need a proper Christmas tale? The sort that has less to do with Santa, and somewhat more to do with Slappy Claus, a mermaid, and eight tiny tiger sharks?

Much like Jack Skellington before them, the inventors of Talk Like a Pirate Day have set their sights on the Yule-tide season in their quest for total holiday domination. Does it all end in comical disaster as did Nightmare Before Christmas, or are the Pirate Guys savvy enough commandeer the king of all holidays?

Well, to answer that you’ll obviously need to read the book. But suffice to say, Slappy and Chumbucket aren’t alone in their mission – they’re assisted by several known names from the modern pirate community, including Mad Sally (wife of Chumbucket), Stynky (Pyracy Pub), Talderoy, (Studio City Tattoo), and several others (and, of course, the eight tiny tiger sharks.)

Charmingly written and illustrated, Pirate Santa is a tale that looks out for the “unconventionally” good child – those that tend  to engage in a little good-natured mischief throughout the year, and therefore might find themselves unfairly bounced into Santa’s naughty list. It’s these kids – PIRATE KIDS – that Cap’n Slappy has in mind when he dons the red.

Odds are, if you read Bilgemunky Reviews, then you already have a pirate ornament or two on your Christmas tree. You might even have a pirate stocking, and there’s at least a 50% chance your family, upon reading your gift wish list, have asked you, “what’s a blunderbuss?” If this indeed describes you, and if there are any knee-biting nieces, nephews, or direct offspring in your life, then Pirate Santa is practically a no- brainier. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Review: Pirate Santa

  1. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Tis the best book
    I ever had read to me. Oh wait,,, I guess i don’t count 🙂

    Check out our new Pirate Santa audio CD read by Cap’n Slappy and music my Mister Mac.

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