Review: Anne Bonney Outfit

Rating: ★★★★☆

Those who’ve seen the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 preview will likely remember Jack Sparrow’s comments to Elizabeth Swann, “Elizabeth, this outfit doesn’t suit you at all. In my opinion it should be a dress or nothing. I happen to have ‘no dress’ in my cabin.” And while many blokes will agree with the sentiment behind Jack’s words, the practicality of wearing a dress into armed combat is highly questionable (and wearing nothing at all leads to no end of trouble.)

Female pirates remain an underserved segment of our community, with “tavern wench” and “girl in guys clothing” remaining the two most frequent options for dress (“sexy pirate tramp in polyester costume-from-a-bag” is a close third). There are few vendors breaking this mould, but Silhouettes has bravely taken the helm on this unfortunate issue. With their new “Anne Bonney” outfit, they’ve taken the standard seafarer’s attire, sized it to feminine proportions, dyed it lovely lady-like colors, and yet left the practical functionality in place for climbing rigging and – yes – skewering spaniards.

The outfit is made of several components. The shirt appears much the same as Silhouette’s standard shirt – equally well made of old-seeming, light and breathable fabric, and nicely touched off with shell cuff buttons. The vest also echoes their guy’s westkit – at least in the material, which is wonderfully rough, and with a woven (not printed) striped pattern along the back. Its cut, however, is wildly different from the westkit, being as it rides high above the waist in a most girlish fashion.

The outfit is completed with a long tattered woven sash and a pair of lady sailor slops. More snug fitting than most guy slops, they make for a very cute look, especially considering the fun verticle stripes and buttoned fly. Close inspection indicates that, unlike the rest of this outfit which is custom made, the Anne Bonney slops are actually altered from modern pants. This isn’t really a negative, however, as anyone looking closely enough to notice probably isn’t checking out your clothes, and they really do compliment the rest of the outfit beautifully.

Lady pirates – we need more of them. And as such, we need a wide variety of lady pirate clothing. They can’t ALL be taven wenches (us blokes can only drink so much, after all.) Silhouettes has put together some stellar garments for the swashbuckling, deck swabbing gal. I hope that with the Anne Bonney, they start (and continue to lead) a glorious new trend.

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