Review: Crochet Beads & Coins Huge Triangle Hip Tie

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Dress Like a

There’s just not much out there for the girl pirate. I suppose that’s natural, since, historically speaking, those few female pirates that did exist likely dressed in men’s clothes. But what fun is that? And as for the tavern wench look – well, that’s fine if you’re content with serving drinks, but what of the more adventurous ladies?

Dress Like a Pirate has taken some initial steps to help our y-chromosome-challenged shipmates add a feminine touch to what may otherwise be bland or boyish outfits – among these is their offering of a rather splendid (and jingly) hip wrap. Made from a large triangle of shear fabric, this wrap is adorned with tiny metallic beads and an absolute ton (seems like hundreds) of metal coins which create a perpetual jingle that, while quite pleasant to the ear, will spoil any chance of being sneaky (consider yourself warned.) This wrap is very pretty and surprisingly sturdy considering its delicate appearance. And when tied around your hips, it adds that perfect blend of sugar and spice as you daintily plunge your rapier into an englishman’s gizzard whilst screaming obscenities from a blood-soaked fo’c’s’le

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