Review: Sailor Slop Breeches

Rating: ★★★★☆
Flying Canoe Traders

Never before have I tried a piece of pirate clothing that seemed more “ready for duty” than the pirate slops from Flying Canoe Traders. It’s easy to imagine these heavyweight canvas breeches serving aboard a sailing vessel hundreds of years ago, and they could surely perform just as admirably today. A row of seven metal buttons adorn the crotch, while a piece of cord in the back can be used to fine-tune the size – just like the old days. The extra wide legs will allow plenty of summertime ventilation while maintaining that swabbylike appearance that only a good pair of slops can provide.

Straight from the box these slops seem durable and ready for action – the only thing they lack is a good bit of scruff to give them that “broken in” feel. I’m looking forward to remedying this come summer, when they’re sure to be worn aplenty!

3 thoughts on “Review: Sailor Slop Breeches

  1. Have you tried or compared this article of clothing with similar products from either Bradley, Company of the Fox or Jas Townsend and Son? I am interested in this type of garment but have not been able to decide who makes the most accurate/comfortable of the group. Thank you in advance for your time and response.

  2. I’m quite familiar with the Jas Townsend slops, which I also like very much. In a nutshell:

    Flying Canoe:
    – VERY durable construction, but rather stiff
    – functional pockets
    – period appropriate fly
    – rustic looking buttons

    Jas Townsend
    – Well made, but not as durable as flying canoe
    – lighter weight canvas or linen flows better than flying canoe
    – modern pewter buttons are rather boring and I think look a little cheesy
    – Drop front fly is a little later period than GAoP
    – Better selection of lengths for those that prefer longer slops
    – No pockets

    All things considered, I’m a big fan of the Jas Townsend linen slops at full, unhemmed length. I replace the buttons with better ones, and have grown accustomed to no pockets (that’s what belt pouches are for.) While the drop front fly is not quite period, I like it – especially in the port-a-john as it’s rather convenient.

  3. Ahoy mate ..
    I was ever so lucky to find a very good pair of Flying Canoe breeches on E-bay. They arrrr perfect man. I picked up a pair O slops ( well used ) on the E-bay too. The Flying Canoe breeches have hidden pocket that come in handy ferr sure.
    To sew em up from a pattern is a chore with the right material. So J S Townsend in the easiest way to go for the price. the Flying Canoes arrr a bit more costy I believe.

    Mad Davy Flynt…

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