Review: Singapore Pirate Hat

Rating: ★★★½☆
Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats

The debate is never ending: Who’s better, pirates or ninjas?

Obviously I fall wholeheartedly into the pirate camp, and the reasons are many. I won’t bore you with the full list, but one of the key points is that as pirates, we get to customize our look to fit our own personal prefences. Where ninjas wear black pajamas, pirates can choose from a multitude of colors and styles with regards to their wardrobe. In this respect, Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats has been a longtime friend of pirates everywhere with their wide assortment of pirate hats in many cuts and styles, and in a seemingly endless variety of colors.

But should you be on the fence between pirates and ninjas, Captain Jack’s now has your back as well. Their new “Singapore Pirate Hat” boasts a strong asian influence that’s sure to turn heads in pirate and ninja circles alike. Made entirely of asian seagrass, folded into a distinctly oriental shape, and punctuated with a small feather assortment attached with an antiqued pin, this is certainly a hat like no other.

Like any piece of truly original clothing, the Singapore Hat requires some fearlessness and creativity to properly wear. Adding some additional asian elements to your pirate garb helps, and nicely lends to the impression that you’re truly a pirate that’s been to the ends of the Earth and back. Actually *being* asian may also prove helpful, but is hardly a requirement (and generally speaking, outside of our control.)

The festivals are full of Caribbean pirates sporting tricorns. Be bold – wear a Singapore hat to stand from the crowd and tell the world that you’re strong enough to bear a musket, yet nimble enough to pluck the coin purse from a Dutchman with a pair of chopsticks.

note: This hat is displayed on a skull hatstand, also available from Captain Jacks.

2 thoughts on “Review: Singapore Pirate Hat

  1. I’ve looked over Captain Jack’s wares on his website, and the hats certainly look good. The only trouble I have is his prices. True, he’s free to set any price he thinks fit, but I’m only a part time librarian…I’d have to take up the Sweet Trade to afford one of those hats…

  2. Yaaaar! I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about spending this much money on a dome cover. In the end I saved the money and went for the Filibuster ($140) oil/wax treated.

    After getting the hat a few days ago (waited for six weeks), I am completely satisfied. True, it’s a big chunk o’ coin but if you spend the little extra for the finish, it’s a great investment of good times.

    From time to time he will also have discount hats that are… well… a bit off. Usually at greatly reduced prices and if you’re just a pirate that isn’t trying to look perfect, it’s a good deal.

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