Review: Skallywagg Pirate Hat

Rating: ★★★★☆
Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats

I’ve reviewed Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats before, and now I do so again. This may seem odd, in that most of his hats are essentially similar – all that usually changes is the shape, the color, and options regarding waterproof treatment. Being as these are matters of taste rather than quality (which is always exceptional in my experience with Jack’s Hats), it’s of little point for me to review each and every hat he makes. But there are a few styles and lines that bear particular mention, and the Skallywagg Limited Edition is one such hat.

The Skallywagg is an extra-thick hat with an extra-wide brim. Formed into a traditionalish tricorn fashion with a rolled back, it is then beat up and (yes) shot with a musket – and this makes the Scalliwagg special. Most of Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats are essentially infants – crisp and new, ready to grow, wear, and age with their new owner. Heck, they even have a “new hat” smell. I love a new Jack’s Hat, but I love old ones even more. But the Skallywagg is different. From the box, this is a hat that’s already seen more adventure than most landlubbers could dream, and it has the scars to prove it. Not unlike inheriting a hat from a retired (loose translation for deceased) buccaneer, this is a hat that’s already journeyed, and is ready to journey some more.

What also makes the Skallywagg special is its personality. With its extremely high front end, this is a hat with a commanding presence, and not all heads are up for the challenge. If your face is at all plain, this hat just might mutiny and take over. But if you boast striking features, brutal scars, an impressive beard, or just a aura of fearlessness, then this is a hat that shows you’ve been places, kicked some spaniard ass, and taken names.

note: This hat is displayed on a skull hatstand, also available from Captain Jacks.

3 thoughts on “Review: Skallywagg Pirate Hat

  1. I bought one of these hats and couldn’t be more happy with it.
    I think it’s bold, simple, and not “farby”.

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