Review: Operation Rum App

Rating: ★★★½☆

I love pirates, and I love physics-based puzzle games. I also sort of like rum. And so an app such as “Operation Rum” comes along and it would indeed seem custom tailored for me. The concept is simple enough – one or more fairly rolly-polly shaped pirates are standing there drinking their rum, and it’s your job to get them into the pub. This is done by manipulating their enviroment – mostly by eliminating obstacles or dropping things – to roll them through the door. Reminds me of New Orleans 2009, to be perfectly honest.

Actually, words make this a tough game to describe, so perhaps the included pictures will help. By eliminating some objects, other objects may be dropped, exploded, or rotated until a structure exists that will safely convey the drinking pirate to his goal. Of course, the trusting souls just stand there and let you do all the work, but there’s something weirdly fun about watching them casually fall and roll towards the “Bloody Rum” pub without looking remotely phased.

The graphics are fun if a bit low-res by modern standards. Controls are mostly decent, but sometimes a little finicky – painfully so, if timing is important (as it sometimes is). The rolling jig music in the background is catchy and well suited to the game, and levels start simple and get nicely (and at times frustratingly) more challenging. Also included is a memory-based mini game you can unlock, which makes for a nice change of pace when you hit a tricky level you can’t quite conquer.

I really dig this game – it’s piratey and addictive. A few updates could smooth out its rough edges, but even as it stands it’s more than worth the 99ยข pricetag.

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