Review: Bronze Pirate Bottle Opener/Medallion

Rating: ★★★★½
Marcus Cove Creations 

Yo yo ho – pirate bling is in the house!

Marcus Cove Creations has made a piece of pirate jewelry that’s fun, functional, and HUGE. This highly detailed medallion features a wild-haired skull clutching a dagger in its teeth while being impaled on an anchor. Across the face is a scroll reading “Surrender Thyne Ale.” Far from a simple 2-D image, this medallion is engraved with exceptional three dimensional details and textures. The top is designed to work as a bottle opener, so your throat should never be dry. The obverse side is a less detailed, but perfectly attractive, engraving of the western half of Hispaniola – in short, Haiti and Tortuga.

The crux of this piece is its size. It’s a full 2.5 inches across, and 3.5 high. That may not sound like much, but grab a ruler and you’ll quickly realize this is a monster. Cast from bronze, this is one huge – and heavy – piece of jewelry. That’s not a bad thing though – far from it in fact. Having this beast hanging from your neck is sure to get you noticed by the ladies, as well as any lads needing help opening their beers. Hardly historical (it is a bottle-opener, after all), it nonetheless commands an old fashioned bearing that could easily be incorporated into most costumes without looking glaringly out of place. However, it would be most at home on the chest of pirates that have a little pimp or gangsa in their attitude. Pirate bling indeed!

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