Review: Large ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Ring

Rating: ★★★½☆
Celtic Jackalope

Continuing on the fine tradition of its “Dean Men Tell No Tales” line of pirate jewelry, in which they offer various sterling accoutrements featuring a distinctive skull and crossed sabers, Celtic Jackalope has now created its new, jumbo sized coat of arms ring.

Celtic Jackalope’s previous ring that featured this design was fairly small and understated, perfect for those wishing to bear a subtle nod to their piratical inclinations while remaining fairly incognito. This new ring, however, is meant to command attention. The design is roughly twice the size of the earlier ring, boasts much more detail, and is complimented on each side by a fleur-de-lis design. Definitely a ring suitable for pirate royalty!

The image below is included to give an idea of size comparison. It also demonstrates that for the right pirate couple, these rings could make a fine pair of wedding/promise rings! Yarrr!!!

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