Review: Pirate Medallion

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Celtic Jackalope

The devil is in the details – and nothing completes the details of a fine pirate ensemble like a piece or two of choice pirate jewelry.

Celtic Jackalope’s Pirate Medallion is a lovely sterling coin a slight bit larger than a quarter. A la Pirates of the Caribbean, an empty-eyed skull stares outward from an Aztec-compass pattern, warning friend and foe alike that you’re not to be trifled with. Identical and fully-detailed on both sides, the surface is a wonderful mix between polished and roughed (shinier than the picture implies), which makes the imagery all the more striking. The coin itself is thick enough to remain solid, yet thin and lightweight enough that you could easily make it a part of your daily-wear without feeling like you have a coaster hanging from your neck. The bale, imprinted on one side with a skull & crossed swords image, is sturdy and appears to be welded. I’ve owned jewelry in the past where the bale would bend open, resulting in the whole affair falling off its chain. There’s no such danger with this piece – it will surely cling to your throat like grim death.

If you’ve been searching for a cursed Aztec coin to call your own, then Celtic Jackalope’s Pirate Medallion is a fine choice, indeed. It’s shiny, solid, and oh-so-piratey.

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