Review: Pirate Ring and Pendant

Rating: ★★★½☆
Celtic Jackalope

Knights get to sport fancy jewelry featuring coats of arms, so why not pirates? Celtic Jackalope has just released its “Dead Men Tell No Tales” series – a sterling pendant and ring, both featuring a skull and crossed cutlasses against a shield-like background with scrolled edges. Wear one or wear both, either way everyone you meet will have no doubt that you’ve thrown your lot in with cut-throats, scalliwags, and scoundrels (which might make this the wrong jewelry to wear at the next Coast Guard Ball.)

Both pieces are very well made, and the image to the left surely tells you as much as any review ever could. However, some comments bear mention:

– The pendant is well sculpted and highly detailed, and its 1.5″ height definitely commands attention. It’s surely fitting for many pirate costumes, but it’s probably not ideal for most people’s daily attire.

– Although it features nearly identical artwork, at nearly 1/3 the size of the pendant the ring is a much subtler piece. Its small size naturally results is some detail loss, but not very much. If you’re looking to sport your jolly roger at the office or grandma’s house, this might be your prefered option.

So there you have it – if you’ve been itching to sport a sterling jolly roger on your person, either would be a fine choice. Go with the pendant if you’re feeling like a Type A, in-your-face corsair, or the ring if you’re more of a Type B, relaxed and mellow buccaneer – either way you’ll do credit to the pirate community!

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