Review: “The Ring”

Rating: ★★★★☆
Ghost Pirate Ship

All too often, pirate-themed rings share one of three failings – they’re either too delicate looking, too biker, or too cliche (how many skull & crossbones rings can one pirate wear?)

Ghost Pirate has deftly foiled all these pitfalls with its sterling pirate ring. Featuring a large, robust skull, this ring is anything but dainty. And its eyepatch/bandana clearly mark this as a pirate accessory, while still dodging the “yet another jolly roger” trap. But more importantly, this is a ring with personality. The skull – with its partially open jaw, and equally open eye, nostrils, and temples – appears at once spectral yet material. Its highly 3-D structure is striking, yet clings closely to the finger enough to remain entirely comfortable.

This is an excellent pirate accessory. It’s sturdy, unique, and should fit right at home with any pirate outfit – be it period, fantasy, or modern.

One thought on “Review: “The Ring”

  1. Aye. I own this particular bit ‘o shine. It’s a fine ring, it is.

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