Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl

Rating: ★★★★★
So I’ve been asked when I would get around to reviewing Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. To be honest, I haven’t bothered because I really don’t think I can contribute much to what’s already been said. Most reviews have been glowing, and I agree with them. Those that have found nits to pick, I think, are just trying to be contrary. If you haven’t seen it then do so. Now.

OK, fine. While I’m here I suppose I should say a little about this movie that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Much that’s been said elsewhere is worth repeating – Jack Sparrow is fantastic. Elizabeth Swann is a wonderful actress and sooo very hot. Will Turner, well, I’m not all swoony about Orlando Bloom, but the character he’s meant to portray is a hotheaded blacksmith, and he portrays him quite well. But the one under-rated character in all this is Commodore Norrington. By all rights, this character should have been the butt of the movie. He’s a pompous authority figure who dresses like a dandy and manages to lose his captive (twice,) lose his ship, and lose the girl – yet through it all he remains honorable and comes across as the noblest man of the whole lot. I think this is an incredible achievement by both the writers and the actor. And it’s details like this that make this a remarkably splendid film.

2 thoughts on “Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl

  1. Obviously the first of three good movies. Luckily, they had a big budget and a good cast as well. This movie opens the storyline and the mystique makes it worthwhile to see (if you haven’t by now then you live under a rock). Unlike the 2nd movie, it moves fast and it self sustaining as it wasn’t filmed to support the following two movies (but certainly plays a part).

    After all this time, it’s still a good watch. I like how Depp opened up Sparrow on the following movies but this one he does act out a little (character still in development) so some scenes seem a bit awkward.

  2. Ah, yes. Without this movie, I may’ve never begun a career in piracy. And without me all-consuming passion for pirates, I may’ve never found the wonderful resources of and, and all the wonderful mateys I’ve found in Cap’n Slappy, Bilge, and all the rest who know them, too.
    I’ve watched this movie over 50 times, and it doesn’t get old. There are other movies, trust me, but this one is most remarkable for starting a new lease on life.

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