Review: Sea Changes of the Toucan Pirates

Rating: ★★★☆☆
The Toucan Pirates

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Genre: Traditional inspired, mostly insrumental
Rating: G
Target Audience: All Ages

The Toucan Pirates albums are amongst the most difficult to review. With very few (and very specific) exceptions, their music is entirely instrumental. They also tend to use the same instruments throughout – those being steel drums, banjos, accordians, coconuts, and other “period-ish” instruments found throughout the Caribbean and/or Ireland. Like the instruments, the music is period-ish, hailing largely from jigs and such. So while the albums can vary in pace, style, and tone from track to track, the actual differences can be difficult to convey in words.

I’ve previously reviewed The Toucan Pirates’ first album, Battle Songs of the Toucan Pirates, and found it fun but lacking. Sea Changes of the Toucan Pirates, being the second album, is similar in most every respect, but I do find myself enjoying it a bit more. The music, while still very background-appropriate, does seem to hold its own a bit better, and is less repetative. Also, the sound effects (sea and pirate type noises) seem better utilized, working with the music rather than simply layered atop it (as was my impression with the first album.)

If you enjoyed Battle Songs of the Toucan Pirates, I think you’ll enjoy Sea Changes all the more. If you’ve not yet experienced their unique tropical-celtic style of music, I would recommend starting with Sea Changes over Battle Songs. It’s a very enjoyable album, and definitely worth checking out.

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