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Rating: ★★★★½
The Pirate Furniture Company

Whether at an encampment or in your office, the downside of accumulating lots of cool pirate booty is having a place to put it. And while some would argue that any old shelf or table would serve just fine, I’d submit that the only proper place to store your pirate booty is on a proper pirate table.

We’ve previously reviewed the folding Camp Stool from the Pirate Furniture Company – an invaluable item that still serves me well today. And now we have a second opportunity to view their work with their Crate Table – a small table suitable for an endtable, or well matched to sit at as a makeshift desk when combined with the afformentioned Camp Stool.

With most items of this nature, the review is pretty straighforward – the table is small but sturdy, lightweight and attractive. It offers ample space for rum, magazines, pistol-cleaning supplies, or whatever else your piratey heart desires. But what makes this table actually piratey?

It’s construction, for starters. The Pirate Furniture Company specifically designed this table to appear as though it was constructed from an old storage crate – arguably similar to a table that would be found in a shipwrecked pirate encampment. But if that’s not quite piratey enough for you, they also paint the table top in your choice of piratey designs. You may choose from a selecton of designs (Jolly Roger, East India Co. Logo…), or submit your own. Which is where the *real* test is.

My first and foremost concern when submitting original art is whether or not the craftsman will be able to properly recreate my design. In this case, as usual, I submitted the Bilgemunky Logo. I know this logo like my own hand, so if it’s off even a little, the end result looks weird to me. But happily, The Pirate Furniture Company perfectly captured my logo and flawlessly transfered it to my table. Actually, flawlessly isn’t quite accurate – it does in fact have just enough irregularities to look natural on a table of this sort (a laser-perfect image would infact seem out of place), but not so many flaws as to no longer look “quite right.” So in short, it’s perfectly imperfect, if there is such a thing.

A gorgeous little table; useful, attractive, and piratey.

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