Review: Hot Pirate Babes 2007 Calendar

Rating: ★★★½☆
Hot Pirate Babes

How many times have a bunch of blokes been sitting together and come up with the brilliant notion, “hey, we should make a calendar of hot pirate babes!” Without a doubt, the idea has been tossed about many a time. But for some reason it wasn’t until 2007 that someone actually took the project to task. And thus was born Tiger Lee’s “Hot Pirate Babes Calendar”, being the ultimate in aptly titled products this side of the Grand Canyon.

Hot Pirate Babes features 12 months of seagoing beauties – each of them armed. And while most are somewhat under-dressed for combat, many nonetheless sport combative snarles that make it clear they have something other than amore on their minds. I mention this point because it’s a subject that draws wildly different reactions from different viewers. The calendar’s cover, in fact, features a buxom blonde firing her pistol and bearing her pearly whites in a manner that says anything but “come hither.” (Unless, of course, it’s “come hither so I may gut you like a spaniard.”) In my own experience scorned women have proven best avoided, and aren’t something I would normally opt to pin to my wall (we’re talking calendars, remember.) Some of my mates, however, have clearly differed on this subject, and expressed that a warlike countenance can be quite the turn-on.

Each to their own, I suppose. But for those of us who find angry women to be of lesser appeal to the more “amicable” variety, we have three convincing reasons to embrace Hot Pirate Babes just the same:

1) Within the calendar itself, only four girls actually feature a combative visage. Eight others appear much more inviting, leaving the odds clearly in favor of those who prefer friendly hot pirate babes.

2) I’ve had a sneak-peak at the 2008 photos, and not only has the general hotness been amped up, but so has the “come hitherness” (without the spaniard gutting qualifier, in this case.)

and 3) If you don’t like snarles, nobody’s forcing you to look at their faces.

This last point can not be overstated, as these 12 pirate babes are indeed quite hot. Dressed (somewhat) in period attire and posing in an array of stances that convey anything from “have some rum” to “prepare to die.” But the beauty of these photos goes beyond the ladies themselves – any lubber can snap a few shots of a hot babe (we call them stalkers), but it takes a man of extraordinary talent to create the perfect photograph, and then to morph it into a piece of genuine art.

Tiger Lee has developed an extensive process whereby he merges his pirate babes into exotic backdrops. But this is no cut&paste hackjob – lighting and textures are seamlessly melded, transforming each image into a genuine masterpiece. No longer a studio photograph, each month seems to stradle the line between photo and painting to be truly eye-catching.

Regarding the calendar itself, it too is piratey and fun. Printed on a parchement-inspired image, major holidays are marked, as are significant dates in pirate history, ads from various piratey sponsors, and pirate-related fun-facts.

Hot Pirate Babes was an instant hit within the pirate community, and it’s no mystery why. Hot pirate babes – digitally captured and brought to their full potential through Tiger Lee’s artistry, is a sure winning combination. The result is a stunning calendar that’s sure to enhance cabin bulkhead or cubicle wall alike.

Note: Looking to be your own hot pirate babe (or bloke)? Tiger Lee Studios offers custom pirate photography.

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