Review: Pirate Hat Stand

Rating: ★★★★★
Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats

Proving once again why he is amongst “The Enlightened”, Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats now offers the most wickedly perfect hatstand imaginable. If you’re at all like me, then one look at the picture above and you’re instantly salivating, knowing your life won’t be complete without one. All you need is reassurance that it’s all it appears.

So…. let me reassure you. This hat stand is top quality through and through. Not a single sign of plastic or shoddy craftsmanship – like Jack’s hats, it may as well have fallen into your lap from the 17th century. Not that you’d want it to – it’s deceptively heavy, which is good because it will stubbornly display your hat for all to see, defying nor’easterly winds and playful cat paw alike.

The skull is life-sized and highly detailed. It appears to be cast from a sturdy resin – when tapping it sounds lightweight and hollow, but to all appearances it’s as solid as the real thing. Aged and gold-toothed, it sits sinisterly atop its stand, which is turned wood with a padded base (so as not to scratch your piratey bookshelf.) Not nearly as top-heavy as it might appear, the unit is very stable and doesn’t seem at all prone to tipping, even with a gloriously large hat atop it.

Jack’s Hat Stand is delivered bald. It’s up to you to cover complete the look, and I would heartily recommend a Captain Jack’s Pirate Hat. He has an ever growing selection, and you’re sure to find something that will look equally splendid on your hatstand and head alike!

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  1. With Captain Jack moving on to other things, is there any other such hat stand on the market?

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