Review: Rum Jug

Rating: ★★★★☆
Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots

Grog – water, sugar, lime, and rum. It’s as simple as it is beautiful, with a name that rolls off the tongue and a taste that rolls right back in. Say it with me now – grog.

Of course, you can’t generally buy grog. You have to make it. Which means you need something to serve it in (and your plastic Kool-Aid pitcher doesn’t count.) Now, nancy-boy spaniards might be fine with a cut-crystal punch bowl. But you and me – we have our pride. And we have Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots and their line of jugs. Available in three sizes, these are the perfect vessel for your piratey concoctions. From one to four quarts, your masterpiece will be held safely within, right up until pouring it for your wide-eyed guests, who can only guess what sort of magic might spring forth from such a piece of tablewear. Select black or lichen green (think Davey Jone’s ship color, more or less), these bottles come emblazoned with skull&crossbones, or with the words “grog” or “rum”, for the extra-organized. And they’re even available with custom inscriptions, for those what have something special to say.

Like all of Quicksilver’s line, these jugs are food and dishwasher safe, leave no taste, and look fantastic. Well worth checking out.

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